Network Latency – Wired vs Wireless LAN – What is (a) ping?

Network Latency – Wired vs Wireless LAN – What is (a) ping?

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AP Statistics Final Project

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Network Latency

Wired vs Wireless LAN

Bryan Garza & Nathan Hildebrand

Research Question

Is there a difference in mean wired LAN (Local Area Network) speed versus mean wireless LAN speed?

The Procedure

To collect our data, we used the command-line program ping. Our data set consisted of 2,000 individuals values recorded in milliseconds.

What is (a) ping?

"Ping is a fundamental program that allows a computer to send a request to another computer somewhere else on the network or on the Internet in order to determine if the computer exists and is responding. A ping sends a packet of data to a specific address and waits for an appropriately named "pong" response."

No, really



Mean 0.433 Standard Deviation 0.029 Minimum 0.305 Quartile 1 0.414 Median 0.438 Quartile 3 0.455 Maximum 0.674



Mean 1.066 Standard Deviation 0.031 Minimum 0.874 Quartile 1 1.050 Median 1.080 Quartile 3 1.090 Maximum 10.60

Data (Both)

Wired Wireless Mean 0.433 1.066 Standard Deviation 0.029 0.031 Minimum 0.305 0.874 Quartile 1 0.414 1.050 Median 0.438 1.080 Quartile 3 0.455 1.090 Maximum 0.674 10.60