Git Essentials – Types of Version Control Systems – Theory

Git Essentials – Types of Version Control Systems – Theory

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Git presentation

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Git Essentials

Vaibhav Gupta

Types of Version Control Systems

Local Version Control System

Centralized Version Control System

Distributed Version Control System


Other system's approach

Snapshot, not changes

The three states


Mac OSX - brew install git

Simple git work flow

Initialize a git repository: git init Configure git: git config Create a .gitIgnore file Add files in staging area: git add Commit files: git commit Check the logs: git log


Learning Git Branching
  • Create a branch : git branch <branch name>
  • Switch branches : git checkout <branch name>
  • Merge branches:
    • git merge <branch name>
    • git rebase <rebase onto branch name>
  • Resolving conflicts

Distributed Git workflow

Clone a repository: git clone Push changes to repository: git push Get latest code
  • git fetch
  • git pull
git remote


What is analogous to revision number in git?

How do I checkout code for that revision number or whatever you call it?

How do I revert back my code to a particular commit?

What is the difference between clone and fork?