Your Agile project at Eclipse with Tuleap – Pascal Rapicault @prapicault & Manuel Vacelet @vaceletm

Your Agile project at Eclipse with Tuleap – Pascal Rapicault @prapicault & Manuel Vacelet @vaceletm

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Your Agile project at Eclipse with Tuleap

Pascal Rapicault @prapicault & Manuel Vacelet @vaceletm

Je pense que l'on peut faire l'intro sur le premier slide who are we


No commercial relationship between Rapicorp and Enalean!

Pascal used Tuleap in 2013 while at Ericsson, he wanted to use it at Eclipse.

Here we want to emphasize that this is really coming from a need, not because I'm paid and part of arch council

Why another tool at the foundation?

Quick poll - who uses an agile methodology - who also runs an OSS project at Eclipse? Eclipse Foundation provides projects with tools to do their job. There is a gap for projects willing to really do Scrum or Kanban

Support of Agile methodologies at Eclipse

  • Agile is recognized as a good practice;
  • Most of us are accostomed to Agile methodologies in our corporate setup;
  • Because not every nail is suitable for the bugzilla hammer we currently have.

Expected Benefits

  • Improve open-ness by adding transparency and visibility;
  • Communicate status and future work efficiently.
(What are we working on now, What will we work on next?)

Enters Tuleap

  • Application lifecycle management (ALM)
  • General purpose with strong Agile tooling
  • Open source, GPL v2
  • Evolve fast (1 release per month)
Introduce Tuleap Quick History ? ALM scope (all tools vs silot), Tuleap moto: - Software eng. - Good enough - learning vector

Agile: Scrum / cardwall

Cardwall: - daily follow-up - Drag'n drop - progress

Agile: Scrum / planning

- Planning - Drag'n drop - Decompose Release / Sprints ... or whatever - Large backlog: used by team of 700ppl, hunderds of user stories, several years

Agile: Kanban

- Columns - Quick insert - Real time !

Current Status deployed as a pilot

  • Hardware provided by the Eclipse Foundation
  • Management of the instance done by Enalean

Early adopters

  • Tracecompass
  • Polarsys
  • EGerrit
  • Apogy

What's next?

  • Build momentum by signing up more projects
  • Work the integration issues (e.g. SSL, LDAP^WOAuth2, etc)
  • Define a bugzilla / Tuleap strategy
We need to gather more project to show that projects are interested and need this. Once we have a critical mass, then the EF may be able to take on the responsibility of managing it.

What can I do now?

  • Create your account, project
  • Help Pascal & Manuel for day to day ops
  • Spread the word!