Le revue de code expliquée aux Agilistes – @vaceletm

Le revue de code expliquée aux Agilistes – @vaceletm

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Le revue de code expliquée aux Agilistes



  • Enalean CTO
  • Developer
  • Agile
  • Software engineering

Why to review code ?

Where it comes from ?

  • Well known practice in FLOSS* world
  • Various strategy: patches (LKML), "pull requests", ...
* Free Libre and Open Source Software

But... we build a culture of trust !

But... we are doing pair programming !

But... it slows down delivery flow !

Introducing Tuleap project

Code review practices

  • Commit reading (aka. Nicolas stands up)
  • Diff in wiki pages (don't do that!)
  • Review board
  • Gerrit


  • Comes from Android project
  • Git only
  • Users: Eclipse, Openstack, Sony, Motorola, Google, SAP, ...

Gerrit workflow

Reviews dashboard

One review


Diff, comments

Review each commit

  • each commit is a functional subset of the story
  • clean your history

Shape your commits!

Developer flow

Why it speeds up ?

  • Focus on delivery & integration
  • All commits are read by at least 2 devs
  • Better commits (content & form)


  • It was not an easy move
  • but it was worth the effort
  • interesting side effect: git fu