Falcor – or – GraphQL

Falcor – or – GraphQL

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Client Data

status quo

get (query)

Through REST or Custom Endpoints

set (mutation)

Through REST or Custom Endpoints

might be the same ones you get from or not

There's a problem

This is custom and inefficient

Falcor and GraphQL

both want to fix this problem

here's what they have in common

Standard Approach

Efficient by design

for both


and the network

Four important Cs

Consistent approach

Composable queries

Colocated queries

Caching abilities

Deal with HBD

Hierarchical data

Batching requests

Data masking

GraphQL only

Flexible query language by design

Strong typing by design

Introspective by design

Higher initial ramp on the server

Falcor only

Evenly approachable at all layers

call in addition to get and set

Formal ref types from JSON Graph

Clear Answers Provided

Response structure is elegantly defined...

you get the same structure you asked for

All available Now

Getting started

Learn More about


Relay and GraphQL

Play with code

The Pancake Project

Has Falcor and could have Relay...

if you add it


We're hiring @ yieldbot

Falcor or GraphQL @eriksolen