Mapping with Leaflet – Patrick Arlt

Mapping with Leaflet – Patrick Arlt

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Talk at the Esri User Conference 2014 on Esri Leaflet

On Github patrickarlt / uc-2014-esri-leaflet

Mapping with Leaflet

Patrick Arlt

Experience Developer - Esri Portland R&D Center

@patrickarlt -

Who am I?

  • Joined ESRI in 2012
  • Came from a web design/startup background
  • ArcGIS was something people asked me how to print from in college
  • I didn't know what spatial references, projects, mercator or renderers were


  • Open Source Mapping API
  • Used by OSM, Mapbox,
  • Small, Extensible API

Brief History of Esri Leaflet

  • I loved the simplicity of Leaflet to consuming ArcGIS Online services
  • Started very simple, Feature Services, Basemaps, Dynamic Map Services
  • Grown in capabilities, contributors and stability.
  • Most popular Esri Open Source project.

Beta 5

Demo Time!


Esri Leaflet vs JS API

Who Wins?

No One

Good developers choose the right tools for the project

Esri Leaflet

  • Supports a wide variety of ArcGIS Services
  • Clean Simple API
  • Growing Fast
  • Open Source

Esri Leaflet

  • Doesn't support non-mercator tiles
  • No Renderer support
  • No Webmap support


  • Offically maintained and supported by a large team
  • Supports ALL the functionality of ArcGIS
  • Comes with lots of UI components
  • Lots of helper components from Dojo
  • Very opinionated

Choose Esri Leaflet if you...

  • are integrating into existing apps
  • are already using Leaflet
  • want a simpler focused toolset
  • want to leverage non-ArcGIS Services or data
  • want to leverage Leaflet Plugins
  • easier integration w/ frameworks and build systems

Choose the JS API if you...

  • need deep integration with ArcGIS
  • want to support everything (renderers, web maps…)
  • work in non-web-mercator/wgs 84 projections
  • love Dojo

You are my dev team

API Roadmap


Twitter : @patrickarlt

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