Delivering Open Source Software Projects by Specification – BDD Debunked – BDD is Dead!

Delivering Open Source Software Projects by Specification – BDD Debunked – BDD is Dead!

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A Presentation dealing with the use of BDD within the context of an OSS project.

On Github marcoVermeulen / bdd-in-oss-presentation

Delivering Open Source Software Projects by Specification

About Me

Marco Vermeulen

Java Dev for 10 years

Groovy, Grails for half

Worked for Shazam, Associated Newspapers, Burberry

Currently: Consultant Equal Experts

Author of GVM (Groovy enVironment Manager)

Twitter: @marcoVermeulen

BDD Debunked

BDD is Dead!

Long Live BDD!

Let's Talk About BDD Babe!

BDD is Dead!

  • Sad Orphan
  • Marketing Hype
  • Acceptance Tests only!
  • Flavour of the Day
  • Lost it's Salt
  • Not sounding too good...
  • but...
these are some speaker notes

Long live BDD!

  • Has so much to offer...
  • Inspires Collaboration
  • Helps Focus on True Requirements
  • Yields Executable Specifications
  • It's a lot fun!
  • actually, Alive and Kicking!

Let's talk about BDD Babe...

What does BDD mean to you?

  • Outside In
  • Pull Based
  • Multi-Stakeholder
  • Multiple Scale
  • High Automation

Open Source Software

The Pros

  • It costs NOTHING
  • Collaborative
  • For the People, By the People
  • Transparency

The Cons

  • OSS Community is Fragmented
  • Rarely Meets the Mark
  • Over Engineered
  • BDD can Alleviate most of these!

Behaviour Driven Development meets Open Source!

by Example

Problem Domain

  • Ubuntu PPAs for Groovy and Grails
  • Larger Audience (OSX, Cygwin, Linux, etc)
  • Easy for Developers
  • Find a Smarter Way of Working!

Involving the Community

  • Blog Post
  • Twitter
  • Online Polls
  • Got LOTS of response

The Project

Groovy enVironment Manager (GVM)

Manage multiple Java SDKs



Enhanced by REST API


Install: A one liner...

BDD in Action!

Wrote Specifications (Cukes!)

Presented to the Community (GitHub)

Used Social Media (Twitter, Github)

Discussions and Comments

Tweaked the Specifications

Implemented the Functionality

Release Early, Release Often

Some Challenges

OSS Community don't understand BDD

Educate Ignorant without losing them

Be open for change

Put your Pride in your Pocket

Know where to draw the line

Be Hardskinned

Final Words...


  • received a bad rap
  • but will triumph
  • applied to OSS is a winner
  • addresses shortcomings of OSS
  • a great Success Story in GVM!!

Quick Demo

Q & A?