Development Workflow – App Inventor 2

Development Workflow – App Inventor 2

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Slides on dev workflow for App Inventor 2; based on reveal.js

On Github josmas / AppInventor2DevelopmentWorflow

Development Workflow

App Inventor 2

Created by Jose Dominguez / @josmasflores

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Contributing through github?

Make sure you have read Contributing through github

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Make a feature branch

git checkout -b bugfix34
creates a new branch and checks it out automatically

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File changes

            git add buttonStyle.css
            git commit -m 'adds new button stlyle: #34'
            git push origin bugfix34
make any changes you need, add, commit, and push to your repo as a remote branch

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Open a Pull Request

Click on 'Compare & pull request'

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Submit Pull Request

Make sure all changes are corrent and click on 'Send pull request'. Especially make sure that the origin is your new branch and the destination is mit-cml:newblocks. If that is not the case, click on 'edit'

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you are now ready to go!

Your pull request will be reviewed: expect comments and you might have to make changes too!

Checkout the App Inventor Developer Overview for more information about the overall architecture of the system.

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Feel free to contact the Open Source group for any additional information

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.