App Inventor – Community, Community, Community

App Inventor – Community, Community, Community

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An intro to the MIT 6.S198 course, stressing community and why we do what we do

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App Inventor

Community, Community, Community

Created by Jose Dominguez / @josmasflores

Programmer Competency Matrix

Programmer Competency Matrix


Best place to look for projects

Democratizing App Building

App Inventor's Philosophy

Consuming Vs. Producing

lolcats and Ushahidi

Lolcats and Ushahidi Civic action Vs Communal action ; Free hours for civic action ; Intrinsic motivation and generation of what you celebrate

Solving Real World Problems


Contextualized Learning

Contextual Learning

Winston Churchill

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

We want to touch things like history and the research that AI draws from, not only technical stuff and code. It is important to know the history of what you are doing.


  • Instruction
  • Exercises + Assignments

Exercises are designed to be a head start for the work of the week. They don't have to be finished in Lab.


Enjoy the course!

Feel free to contact the Open Source group for any additional information

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