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Slides for thor lightning talk

On Github hackergil / thor_slides

Command line tools with

About me

Gilberto Alvarado

Software Engineer at Tacit Knowledge

  • Programmer (sometimes)
  • DevOps guy (sometimes)
  • I like Ruby (a lot)
  • @hackergil


  • I needed a code generator
  • I needed to stop writing shell scripts (annoying)
  • Yehuda Katz (much appreciated)!

What's it for?

  • Command line tools
  • Code generation
  • Replace rake
  • Replace or emulate bash
  • And more

Who uses it?

  • Rails!
  • Bundler Vagrant
  • Spree
  • And several other hundreds of gems


  • Pure Ruby!
  • One task at a time or many tasks (groups)
  • Optional and named options
  • Common actions
  • Erb templates
  • Use it as thor tasks, as an executable or as a gem


Thank you

And keep up the ruby GDL community!