Chaos tool suite

Chaos tool suite

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Chaos tool suite

What is it?

No need to explain. Everybody uses it! :D

What are its features?

Atm, according to its project page:

  • Plugins
  • Exportables
  • Ajax responder
  • Form tools
  • Object caching
  • Contexts
  • Modal dialog
  • Dependent
  • Content
  • Form wizard
  • CSS tools

Where do I find the docs for using these? I.e. the API itself.

  • Install advanced_help. Unfortunately, the documentation here isn't complete.
  • For plugins such as Content Types, Arguments, or Context, you can check the plugins provided by ctools itself under ctools/plugins/.
  • Check the comments on the files themselves e.g. ctools/includes/
  • Install the example modules provided by ctools specifically ctools_ajax_sample, ctools_custom_content, and ctools_plugin_example.

Show me the money (or examples).

Extra: Check out Emmet. :D