Vagrant and Magento – We Will Cover – What is Vagrant?

Vagrant and Magento – We Will Cover – What is Vagrant?

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Vagrant and Magento


We Will Cover

  • What is Vagrant?
  • Common Scenarios
  • Technical Overview

What is Vagrant?

An Open Source tool for building and distributing development environments

wft does that mean?

Vagrant can help automate common Dev and Ops scenarios

By providing easy to configure, lightweight, reproducible, and portable virtual machines targeted at development environments, Vagrant helps maximize the productivity and flexibility of you and your team.

Common Scenarios

  • Test a server config
  • Test a deploy script


Virtual Machines:

  • That match the production environment
  • That setup themselves
  • With easy to remember git-like commands


  • Consistent development environments
  • Dependency and configuration encapsulation
  • Environment distribution

All of this saves time, money, and frustration

Technical Overview


Vagrant Project Setup

  • Mark root (project) directory
  • Setup basic required files
$ mkdir vagrant_guide
$ cd vagrant_guide
$ vagrant init

This can be done to new or existing projects

Web Project Setup

  • Create some content
  • We'll get into libraries, db, and servers later
$ echo "Hello from a Vagrant VM" > index.html


  • What?
    • Vagrant Boxes are a package around a virtual machine that Vagrant can use
    • Can pull from local/networked filesystem or over HTTP
  • Where?
    • Get a pre-configured box from Ai's vagrant drive
    • Get a base box from
    $ vagrant box add lucid32
  • If needed, use the lucid32 box with multiple projects

Think: Ai's "magento box", or "wordpress box", or could just be project specific

Boxes (cont'd)

  • Remove (delete) a box:
$ vagrant box remove lucid32

Boxes and VagrantFile

  • Tell Vagrant which box to use for this project do |config| = "lucid32"
vagrant up vagrant halt vagrant reload

Getting into the Box

  • vagrant ssh
  • Quick command on mac putty key config on windows
  • Project files mapped to /vagrant
  • root access

Dev Locally, Run on "Prodish"

Project files mapped to /vagrant Port Forwarding: guest, local do |config|
    config.vm.forward_port 80, 8000 = "lucid32"

Setting up complex boxes

  • Manual setup and package
  • chef
  • puppet

Packaging the box

  • VagrantFile
  • Package the Box
$ vagrant package --vagrantfile Vagrantfile.pkg
  • Distribute the Box