Using Forked / Unreleased Grails Plugins

Using Forked / Unreleased Grails Plugins

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Slides from the talk given at GR8Conf US.

On Github beckje01 / gr8us-2013-plugin-talk

Using Forked / Unreleased Grails Plugins



Who am I When to Use Checked In Plugin Directory Inline plugin Custom Repo Summary Working with Forks Strategy for Unreleased

Who am I

Jeff Beck

beckje01 on GitHub and Twitter

Sr. Software Engineer at ReachLocal

When to Use

  • Fast Fix
  • Can't Extend Plugin
  • Shared "Internal" Functionality

Checked In Plugin Directory

Keep all plugins inside the application directory so they can be checked in with the code.


In BuildConfig.groovy add:


The Good

  • Easy Setup
  • Changes Reload

The Bad

  • All or Nothing for Plugins
  • Ignores Versions
  • Hard to use the power of VCS

The Ugly

  • Unclear on what has changed
  • Upgrade Pain
  • Easy to destroy changes

Inline Plugin

Add a plugin from a local directory.


For each plugin add a line like the following in BuildConfig.groovy

grails.plugin.location.'sanitizer' = "./snapshot-plugins/sanitizer"

The Good

  • Allows a single local plugin
  • Changes Reload
  • Can use VCS power

The Bad

  • No Versions

The Ugly

  • Can use an absolute or relative path not in the repo
  • Odd dependency resolution
  • Some plugins will work as Inline and not as a normal plugin

Example of Use

grails.plugin.location.'commentable' = "./plugins/commentable-0.7.3"
grails.plugin.location.'google-visualization' = "./plugins/google-visualization-0.4.2"

grails.plugin.location.'ckeditor' = "./snapshot-plugins/grails-ckeditor"

// UNMODIFIED. Not in main repository. Installed locally.
grails.plugin.location.'image-tools' = "./plugins/image-tools-1.0.4"

Example of Evil

grails.plugin.location.'rlapi' = "../../company_plugins/rlapi"

Leading To

In some build script you get:

if [ -d "$WORKSPACE/company_plugins" ]; then
  cd "$WORKSPACE/company_plugins/rlapi"
  git pull origin
  git clone -o origin "$WORKSPACE/company_plugins"

Custom Repo

Expose the forks and unreleased plugins into a repo, that isn't grails central repo.


In BuildConfig.groovy add the repo

grails.project.dependency.resolution = {
    repositories {
        mavenRepo ""

The Good

  • Supports Versioning
  • Dependency resolution works the way the rest of Grails does

The Bad

  • Changes don't reload
  • Extra step to release changes to the repo

The Ugly

  • Takes more time to iterate then it should


Overall for production using the custom repo is the best option currently.

Use inline sparingly during development.

Working with Forks

First Identify:

  • Expected Life
  • Degree of Fork
  • Internal Changes

Working with Forks

Tend to adding features allowing customization.

Working with Forks

Create a repo for each plugin. Run CI.

Working with Fork - VCS

  • Branch for the changes
  • Use submodules to pull in these plugins while working with an inline plugin

Strategy for Unreleased

Why is it unreleased?

Use Bintray

Bintray is a hosted solution you can use to host plugins that haven't been published. But no snapshots.

Use Versioning

Don't just depend on snapshots.

Thank You

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