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* I don't speak Japanese. This was copy/pasted from Wikipedia

** This is a talk about Cognitive Computing, not robots or Styx

Slides available online:

  • Before we get started, slides available here
  • Slide link available again at the end, so no worries
  • See that Snugug? That's how you can find me online. GitHub and Twitter especially

Cognitive Computing

Welcome to the world of Cognitive Computing

  • This is Pepper, a robot from Softbank.
  • One of the first robots using the power of cognitive computing to make interaction more human

What is Cognitive Computing?

A new field of computing, for working on Human-complex problems, using machine learning and artificial intelligence, with Human-natural input and output.

The types of problems that can be solved using CC are unlike any problems that have come before and the tech is just now coming out of research Problems that previously couldn't be worked on by computers due to the input's data or the type of non-linear understanding needed in order to reason about about the domain AI, machine, and deep learning provide the groundwork to be able to train computers to reason about these Human-complex domains Beyond keyword text search. Speech, full-sentence and long-form unstructured text, images, audio, video, all become potential inputs and outputs allowing us to interact more like we would with another human

Yah, Yah, Yah. What Does That Mean?

  • You've already used cognitive apps and didn't know it
  • Google Now, Siri, both are cognitive applications
  • Specifically, a common pattern called Personal Assistants
    • Natural language in
    • Classify natural language in to core concepts using Natural Language Processing
    • Parse unstructured documents
    • Rank solutions based on confidence that solution matches question
    • Return answer to user
    • Have the building blocks today: Natural Language Classifier, Natural Language Processing, and Retrieve and Rank

So, Some Examples Then

Let's Play

  • Three examples
  • First, a simple application showing what just one cognitive API can do
  • Next, a more complex one, showing what can be accomplished by combining multiple cognitive APIs in to one application
  • Finally, what's possible today, not quite by API yet, but what the future holds
  • All of these examples are built on Watson, with the APIs all having free usage periods and the final application being free to use

Be Kind

  • Tone Analyzer
  • Chrome Extension
  • Watches GitHub Comments
  • Switches comment submit from green to red if negative
  • Disables comment submit if negative

Babel Fish

  • More Advanced, 3 APIs
  • Speech to Text, Language Translation, Text to Speech
  • Speak in to computer or phone, have it speak back the translated text
  • Be able to have live conversations in foreign languages!
  • As more languages are added, automatically grows in capabilities; no additional programing required
  • Live Demo

Chef Watson

  • Do-able today, but not generally available yet
  • Discovery Advisor, makes connections that humans otherwise couldn't see
  • Bon Appetite mag and chemical makeup of each ingredient
  • Give Chef an ingredient, maybe a dish and a style, and it will invent a new recipe for you!
  • Ingredients generally paired by the regions they grow in; just so happens that food that grows naturally together tastes good together
  • Because Chef sees beyond this, can find pairings that wouldn't seem obvious at first, like apples and olives
  • Use it as a base to start cooking from!
  • Live demo


どうもありがとうミスターロボート * I don't speak Japanese. This was copy/pasted from Wikipedia ** This is a talk about Cognitive Computing, not robots or Styx