Tooling for everyone

Tooling for everyone

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Mobile apps with the web

Mike Hartington | @mhartington

Before we jump into things...

Ionic Recap!

SDK for Developing Hybrid Apps

Fast and Native Feeling apps

Sass for easy customization

Angular for code structure

We can't talk about ionic 2 without talking about ionic 1 for a minute

The goal of ionic was to offer a complete framework, for building amazing hybrid apps

Something that at the time, did exist

Empowered Developers Everywhere

Web Developers could now participate in making apps!

This is especially great for folks who arent native developers, or who are just starting out in development

It was all very accessible and everyone could use it

Wait, this whole "web thing" again?

What about?

JS => Native

Fall back to native

great options, but I'm a web developer!

The web is always improving

Ionic 2

Native Apps and The Web

v2 Goals




Make Building NG2 Easy

Simplicity: Can we make development with ionic even easier than it was in v1 Native UX and Design: Can we push our navtive ux even further while still making it easy to cusitmize to your brand Performance: Better perf is always a win Tooling: Making everything "just work" ™


Making your code easier to read


More robust and powerful

Tooling for everyone

Building apps with new standards

JavaScript has changed

ES6 brings many new features

Typescript builds on top of that

Tooling that IDEs can hook into

All of this, helping you to developer faster

ES5 has served us well ES6 gives us many new features

Like javascript has grown up


Scoping: let defines a block-scoped variable

Promises: Built into the language natively

Classes: Simpler syntax for building objects

Also able to generate a build of code that is specific to what you import

All these features that were in ng1, now are baked into js


ES6 + Decorators + Types

Optional Types for stricter coding

Code completion in your editor

All these new features.... But how do I start?

Don't worry, Ionic's got your back!

Ionic provides a TypeScript setup

You can just focus on writing your app

A build system handles everything else!

It "just works"™

But wait, there's more

Maybe you've heard of Progressive Web Apps?

Web Apps that act like native

Installed on the homescreen

Offline functionality

Out of the box setup with Ionic

Same Cordova App, just deployed via the web

No App Store, No Review Process

Parting words

Ionic 2 gives developers the best abilities

Build for Native and for the Web

Everyone wins!

Thank you!

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Mobile apps with the web Mike Hartington | @mhartington