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Presentation for summarising Drupalcon Barcelona 2015

On Github eiriksm / itchy-octo-adventure

Drupalcon Barcelona 2015

Tuesday sessions

Talked about "hard problems"

...and Drupal 8 release date.

RC1 - October 7th, 2015 (*)

(*) Criticals left: 0

Also announced: marketplace is now sorted by contributions. This is kind of cool.

Ny Media is now featured on the first page

Configuration Deployment Best Practices in Drupal 8

By moshe weitzman, populist

Drupal 8 Config Managment (CM) is super awesome

It let you keep site configuration under Git control

...and is fully supported by Drush

drush config-export
drush config-import

configuration changes to live? No problem:

drush config-merge @live

Symfony for Drupal developers

By Crell

Docker powered team and deployment

By Daven




...and others also feel the same way.

Headful Drupal

By nod_

Docker in the DrupalCI test infrastructure

By jaredsmith




New Drupal CI is based on Docker.


Test Drupal Core against all supported major versions of PHP and HHVM

... also major versions of supported databases (MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, PostregSQL)

Coding with Rules for Drupal 8

Best session ever

...or probably not.

Composer and Drupal 8

By webflo and tstoeckler

Getting off the island

Use case:

  • Drupal dependencies for distributions (instead of drush make)
  • Third-party party dependencies for modules, themes, distributions

Almost ready (last blocker had been commited yesterday)

Caching at the Edge: CDNs for everyone

By Wim Leers, Fabianx

No more:

  • drupal_add_js()
  • drupal_add_css()
  • url()

Render array instead.

What do I get in return?

  • Cache tags (data dependencies)
  • Cache contexts (context dependencies)
  • Cache max-age (time dependencies)
CDN cache:
  • assets

  • HTML

PhpStorm for Drupal Development

by neuro159

Wednesday sessions

Keynote by Nathalie Nahai

By Nathalie Nahai

"Web pyschology. The science of online persuasion".

Behat+Mink+PhantomJS = Test ALL THE THINGS!


Pull requests are coming to

By Mixologic

  • Change patch-based workflow and use power of Git
  • Use git namespaces
  • give push access to all users (use branches per user, issue, feature, etc.)
  • pull requests on d.o

Entity storage, the Drupal 8 way

By plach

Linked Data 101: The Non-Terrifying Intro to Semantic Content

By nozurbina

Making Drupal fly - The fastest Drupal ever is here!

By Fabianx, Wim Leers

Decoupling Drupal modules into PHP libraries

By bojanz

Configuration management in Drupal 8

By alexpott

  • configuration stored yaml files
  • something like "Features" for D7
  • export to staging, test, live
  • import from live

Thursday sessions

Community Keynotes by David Rozas and Mike Bell

By above mentioned

How Drupal 8 builds your pages?

By lussoluca

Webprofiler module

Making Drupal a better out-of-the-box product:

Report on usability testing results and how we can make 8.1.x+ shine

By webchick, Bojhan, LewisNyman

What we learned from building an (extensible) distribution

By bechtold

The wonderland of HTTP in PHP

By dawehner

Closing session

Drupalcon 2016 in Dublin