Data Visualization Berlin – Welcome! – what is it all about

Data Visualization Berlin – Welcome! – what is it all about

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first presentation for the Berlin Viz group, 24th of July

On Github danse / 24

Data Visualization Berlin


what is it all about

that's the buzz, baby

and there is nothing you can do about it ...

but data are abstract

while we human beings come from a world of sensible things

sense making

  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Hearing
  • Touch
  • Sight

Hearing - data auralization

listening to the Dow

Touch - data sculptures?

Sight - let's keep it simple

Anscombe's Quartet

but time has elapsed...

the media is different

and it offers a small, disrupting feature

crappy standards


  • brushing
  • linked views
  • something we still don't imagine

this will be a design problem, be aware


tables- versus -strokes


which kind of tool is d3?

show reel

it's a flexible tool

which kind of tool is d3?

usability research effort from Stanford and Berkeley visualization groups

for example ...

vis.berkeley paperobject constancy

is the result of the research effort of a whole laboratory (and more than one)

the heart of d3

selectAll, enter, exit

how hard can it get?

anatomy of a force chart

reference for custom gravity

it's an universe

the d3 interface

but this is just a tile in the mosaic

it's complicated

  • interdisciplinary
    • data analysis
    • design
    • programming
  • innovative
    • purpose
    • concepts
    • technology
  • big
    • just check the d3 doc

developing this is like doing research...

... in an interdisciplinary field

thus, some kind of cooperation would help

Berlin visionaries

  • data visualization group, London

    — 16 months ago — ~780 visualizers

  • data visualization group, Berlin

    — 1 month ago — ~140 visionaries

    Not bad ...

    But we need an icon :D

Which kind of meetup?

Linux User Group

  • everyone has his laptop
  • learn by doing
  • this is the only mean to tear down many technological barriers straight away
  • what is the equivalent in our case?

D3 User Group?

  • flare
  • protovis
  • processing

What do we need to know?

  • aesthetics
  • command line tools
  • web development
  • data sources
  • processing services
  • statistics
  • usability references
  • query languages
  • much more...

yep, related to Hacks/Hackers, but still quite different

How can a group of ...



with different backgrounds

different dress codes :D

and also talking different languages, by the way

come up with some useful content?

All will be possible, with the powerful tools we all know!

  • beer
  • wikipedia
  • stack overflow
  • github
  • github
  • github...

uhm, suggestions maybe?

either we find the right platforms, or we surrender to powerpoint

A little exercise

Infovis Eight Cardinal Points

to get oriented

somebody wants to style it, by the way?

thanks !