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Slides from the MLVA Workshop 2013

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Towards an open web-based platform

for genotyping data

MLVA Workshop 2013

June, 5th 2013 - Ecole du Val-de-Grace, Paris, France


Who's behind MicroGeno? The past, The present (demo), The future of MicroGeno.

The people

G. Vergnaud, PhD

  • Scientific head of MicroGeno
  • MLVABank code refactoring
  • Searching for a lead developer
  • Turning the "website" to a web application


  • (Web) applications development
  • Part of the ComSource web & print agency
  • Toulouse & Clermont-Ferrand, France
  • Julien Maupetit, PhD, Co-Founder (CTO)
  • Strong background in bio-informatics

The past


  • from 2007 to 2013
  • Originally developed by Patrick Bouchon
  • Maintained and improved by Christophe Tourterel
  • PHP & JavaScript, no framework

MLVABank features

  • User-friendly
  • Cooperative databases
  • Contributors keep control of their data
  • MLVA data, but not only...

The present

  • MicroGeno is the new MLVABank
  • Development started in 2012
  • Completely rewritten from scratch
  • Python - Django web framework
  • HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript

MicroGeno core features

  • Logical data storage (relational database schema)
  • in situ clusters analysis (dendrogram, MST)
  • Not dedicated to a particular species
  • Supports MLVA, MLST, SNP, SPOLIGO and CRISPR data
  • Easily scalable
  • Cloud-ready (SaaS & PaaS)

It's an application, not just a "simple" website!

Demo party!

The future

Ongoing directions (1)

  • Open Source
  • Documentation for developers and end-users
  • More tests (Test Driven Development)
  • Move front-end to JS framework

Ongoing directions (2)

  • Local analysis tools
  • Synchronize (selected) data to the/your cloud

Thank you!


This presentation is available at https://github.com/ComSource/

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